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Vector Conversion-Vectorpond

Vector conversion is good for engraving, screen printing, logo design, making signs, large format printing, advertisement item print, vehicle wraps and making other web content. You can rely on Vectorpond for vector service. Contact us to get a quote and special discount rates.

The main difference between a raster image and vector image

Generally, vector designers working with two types of images and they are known as the raster image and vector image. Raster files are bitmap based edited only in raster programs. Vector images are mathematical point based and edited by vector programs.

Raster images are much popular then vector images. Some popular raster formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and so on. Vector images are good AutoCAD designs, engineering drawings, 3D designs and so on. Most popular vector format is AI and Adobe Illustrator is the most used vector application.

A raster image is easy to edit. You can blend one color to another unique color for a better transition. A vector image is like making an image using tiles. It is easy to create any shape with vector programs. Vector design is like creating an outline drawing of an image.

What will I choose for my project?

Both raster and vector format are good for making new designs. It really depends on your project demand, design pattern, and availability of resources. If your project requires unique design, clear color and illustration then select vector conversion.

If your project is simple photographic subject and needs continuous tones, color blends then raster format will be suitable. A brand or business firm requires both raster and vector conversion. A business logo including photographic property is good for web use.

On the other hand, a vector logo design is good for printing promotional items like cap, shirts, pen, mug, banners and other accessories. Contact a professional vector conversion provider for vector design.

Why is vector conversion crucial for business?

Convert your image to any resolution: The main benefits of vector files are they can be converted to an image resolution. The raster images are fixed and can’t be converted to any other resolution.

Convert to any scale: Another amazing aspect of the vector image is high scalability. You can convert any vector image to any size without losing resolution quality. Raster images can’t be scaled bigger. The pixels will be broken and lose the image quality.

Sign making and engraving: Vector services are very demanding in sign and engraving sector. They require quality vector conversion to outline their product image.

Reduce cost: Many companies select vector services because of low cost. Vector services are popular with printing companies because the technique limits the color quantity and saves the printing cost.

Important criteria of Vectorpond design company

Vectorpond is a smart reliable vector conversion provider. We provide unique design and artwork services like

  • Raster to vector
  • Vector tracing
  • Vector line art
  • Vector logo design
  • Banner design and so on.

For vector services, clear image plays a crucial role. The more clear image means good vector quality. Please send us a clear image to obtain high-quality vector image.

We provide manually hand drawn vector services. Our processed vector image can be used for product advertisement, commercial printing, sign design, engraving, banners and other web purposes.

We follow an industrial standard and apply to our vector services. You will get a quality vector conversion from us. We supply standard vector formats like AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, etc.

If you have a bulk order to process or only an age-old torn photograph to illustrate then contact us. We will vectorize your image at a cost-effective price. Please get a quote from our customer center right now!

Vector conversion benefits

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Safe online payment system

We provide a secure payment system to all our clients. Security is a big concern and we take it seriously.

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Currently, we accept payment through Payoneer and Paypal. You can also pay by wire transfer too.

Quick response to customers

Our customer support quickly response to your email and send a quote in 24 hours! Contact us right now.

Image transfer sytem

We use Dropbox, Wetransfer, and FTP for file sharing. You can also send us images via Google Drive too.

Weekly or monthly payment

Our regular clients get the opportunity to pay weekly or monthly. They also enjoy other benefits too.

Non regular clients payment

Our non-regular clients can’t avail the weekly or monthly payment benefits. To enjoy all the benefits be our regular client.

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