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Privacy Policy

Vectorpond privacy policy is made for clients benefits. This policy is made for clients, not for us. Before making any order please read the policies carefully. Currently, we don’t supply any stock images to any client. So, there is no policy made for stock images. The following privacy policy is made for customer-owned images. These policies are made for securing your files and commitment to not sharing files with any third parties.

  1. Personal and Privacy information.
  2. Company financial information.
  3. The security of images.
  4. Vector Copyrights.
  5. Guarantee of Vectorization.
  6. Get new vector designs.
  7. Final vector images and proof delivery time.

Personal and Privacy information

We are committed to you that we don’t pass any personal and private information with another. Your privacy is important for us and we give the highest priority to save your information.

Company financial information

Vectorpond Vector conversion company never asks you to store any financial information to the website. We suggest using PayPal and Payoneer for all payment processing. Your payment and financial information will be saved in your PayPal and Payoneer account.

The security of images

Your complete vector images can’t be shared with other people. If you grant a permission or tell us to supply other, we will provide them the images. For marketing in social media and display to our website, we will use the images with your permission.

Vector Copyrights

  1. The pictures you send us for vectorization don’t share with another party. We use the converted vectors for display on our website, taking permission from the owner.
  2. Image duplication or use without permission is an illegal work. If an image has no copyright symbol, it does not mean it is free for use. When you submit images to us for vector conversion, we assume you are the owner of the pictures or have permission from owners to convert the images.

Guarantee of Vectorization

We will email the proofs of the vector image after completing your order. You can compare the original image with the newly created vector image. The payment will be requested after you are satisfied with our work.

The orders above $60 and first-time orders need to be deposited 50% of the payment. The deposit is refundable after successful disputes. This term will be negotiable under certain conditions.

Get new vector designs

We assure that you will get new vector designs every time. Generally, vector designs are drawing work. Vectorization means making a new design. We always try to satisfy our clients. The satisfaction comes when you get the desired output. If we fail to satisfy,  you don’t need to pay the remaining charge. The deposits of raster to vector conversion service and new vector designs are non-refundable.

Final Vector images and proof delivery time

Please tell us your time frame or deadline. We will try to complete your order in the given time frame. Our turnaround time depends on the image quality and the quantity. The simple designs are easy and take less time. The complex designs require much time to complete.

If the files are not delivered on time due to internet problem and electrical problem, Vectorpond will not take any responsibility for it. This privacy policy is made by the Vectorpond graphic design company. The company has the sole right to edit, delete or update the policy at any time without warning.