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Vector line art

Vector line art is a well-known technique to vectorize any raster image. Line art is a monochromatic art which includes only lines. The lines should be curved or straight. You can apply colorful lines and objects in the vector line art design.

Line art helps to indicate the direction of any object in the image. You can observe many lines of various thickness and length in the image. Sometimes the lines are fuzzy or sharp. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, thick or thin, curved or straight and diagonal.

The only purpose of the lines is to define the objects form in any image. No shade or color degradation applied when you design the vector line art. The pigments and dot areas are also used to create the lines.

You can easily use spot color in the line art. The spot color must be fully solid. You can’t use color percentage, soft shadows, color blends, soft highlights, shade, fading color, and gradients.

Generally, a vector line art includes solid color lines or areas in the image. There will be no color gradients or blends but remain a definite color separation.

However, a line art seems like a normal line in the vector applications. The images that include gradient or color effect can’t be vectorized with line art properly. You can’t see the vectorized line art with your naked eyes.

The use of line art

The line is a crucial element of artwork. It helps to define the artwork which has a two-dimensional shape. Generally, it is the measurements of two points used to indicate outlines of the objects, shape and other implied line in design and artwork.

There is a much commercial use of vector line art. It is hugely used for making unique signs and engravers. The lines are used to guide the outer side of the sign image. It makes easy to cut out the vector image of signs following the line.

Why Vectorpond for vector line art

Vector line art is a great way to achieve unique line artwork of any image. A good service provider hires experienced designers to complete the project. They are committed and deliver the project quickly. In a few words, they save your time and giving worthy services.

Vectorpond is a reputed vector line art provider. We have experienced designer to handle your projects. Our designers are skilled and draw your image line by their hands. We chose to select our hands instead of auto line drawing software.

The company not only gives you quality vectorize line art but also saves your money. We give you a cost-effective design solution. Our vector line art starts from $5 only. A simple line art drawing cost more than $5 in other places. This a worthwhile cost for your simple line art project.

Vectorpond is a quality vector line art supplier. We also provide raster to vector, vector tracing, logo design, and other vector conversion design. Our customer help is always online. If you have a single line art project or required a bulk order solution then contact us!

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